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3 bis zu 12000 Gramm pro Quadrat Meter, 2014
wood, canvas, acryl color, foto/DIN A4 fotografie, curved canvas 200x 170x 6cm, 

enlargement of the photoshop background  220x 120x 17cm

In painting, the canvas is a kind of standard, which enables the most practical possible handling of the medium in the various stages of the product. The sculpture is a slightly enlarged canvas. As if bent by its own weight, it leans against the wall and projects into the room. The

object character that a canvas always has is intensified by the curvature in such a way that the surface and its body become more spatial, and the handling of it a different one. In digital image processing, a background is needed to locate the image being processed. It informs where exactly the image is located. The background of a common image editing program was here given a body, it was enlarged and bent and lies free in space, somewhere on the floor, without special location. The third part of the work is an image of a white writing paper in A4 format, probably the most common paper format in the world. It hangs with a small distance in front of the wall. To see is a format, which is shown here in original size on photographic paper.

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